Full disclaimer – I haven’t journaled at all this week. I have fund it really difficult to find time to sit down and write each day as my whole routine has been thrown off.

My days off this week were Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

On Wednesday we went to the garden centre as my Mum wanted to try and find some more lights for the garden. We also had a wonder around B&M. We had a pit stop for a burger before going to another garden centre – which didn’t have the fairy decorations my Mum was after. The evening was spent going to put some flowers on my Nan and Grandads grave before popping in to visit my Auntie Debbie. My Mum then had an appointment to talk about a new tattoo that she wants to get done before our last stop of the day to get a KFC.

Thursday was my Mum’s birthday, I woke up early to put some balloons up and make a cups of tea before everyone woke up. My Mum opened her presents before we had a chilled day doing some bits around the garden. We then went out for dinner at the Green Man and I came away very full after my ribs and chips followed by a brownie with ice cream.

Friday was spent popping into a few different shops, we started off by having a look around Home Bargains before going into Morrisons as I needed to get the ingredients to make dinner. Before we went back to my parents we went to the chip shop and got something for lunch. After we ate lunch we popped out to the garden centre to have a look in the Works before heading back to my parents again. I fell asleep for 3 hours before I made dinner for everyone.

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