Monday 20th September 2021

It was one of those days where my bed was super comfy and I didn’t want to get up, luckily I didn’t start work until 10am so didn’t have to rush out of bed. I had a bit of a chilled morning drinking my tea before getting ready for work.

The day went by quite quickly and I had booked the last 2 hours off of my shift to pack ready for going back to Cardiff tomorrow.

My Mum and Dad are getting a takeaway tonight so I am looking forward to that and chilling out before being sat in the car for a few hours tomorrow.

Tuesday 21st September 2021

I was so glad I had packed the majority of my stuff last night as it took me ages to fall asleep last night which meant I slept a little later than I would usually.

Once I was awake I got up, packed my bed away and got dressed before packing the last few things I had out. We actually managed to leave on time and the journey was pretty plain sailing! We stopped quite early on as my Mum wanted a sausge roll from Greggs but after that little pit stop the journey went by really quickly.

I got back to Cardiff at about 2pm, my Dad unloaded the car as I ran everything back into the house After I said goodbye to my parents I put everything in my room before walking down to Aldi to get some food so that I can kickstart my healthy eating again as I have well and truly fallen off of the wagon over the last few weeks.

I put my shopping away before starting to unpack my stuff in my room. I stopped half way through unpacking to make some dinner and watch the most recent episode of Vigil. I still have a bit of sorting out to do but I made a decent amount of progress with it and I need to get some of my stuff sorted out properly.

I am definitely looking forward to sleeping in a proper bed tonight although it will be weird to not have Barney laying across the end of my bed!

Wednesday 22nd September 2021

I struggled to get to sleep a little last night and kept waking up which meant I stayed in bed longer than I planned to this morning. Although it wasn’t such a big issue as I was working the late shift today so I didn’t need to be up early.

I made myself some breakfast and drank a cups of tea before getting dressed and heading out for a walk. Once I got back I cooked my dinner so I only had to cook the spaghetti during my lunch break meaning I got more time to chill out. I also used my lunch break to start sorting out the computer my brother gave me and downloading and installing the things I want on it. I also managed to book all of my online tutorials for my next module which is another job ticked off of my to do list.

I am debating getting rid of my laptop now and moving over to the desktop PC as I have my tablet which I can use for most things when I am away from my house. It is a bit of an internal debate that I can’t quite decide what the right decision is.

The day has gone by quite quickly and am looking forward to crashing tonight in front of some catch up TV!

Thursday 23rd September 2021

I think I stayed in bed the longest I have done in a very long time this morning. It was a bit miserable outside so I didn’t go for a walk this morning but I had my breakfast before jumping in the shower. Once I was dressed I made sweet and sour chicken for my dinner and enough that could be frozen for a few days.

I then watched some telly before starting work. It has been busy which is kind of normal for this time of year. However during my breaks I have managed to get a few things ticked off of my to do list which has been good! I also went for a walk to the shop during my lunch to get a little bit of fresh air.

Once I finish work I am going to watch the last episode of Manhunt before crashing and I hope I will be awake a little earlier tomorrow to make the most of my morning before work…. we will see what happens!

Friday 24th September 2021

Forgot to journal

Saturday 25th September 2021

I decided yesterday that I needed to get a grip on my routine again as I wasn’t getting very much done with my time and I was watching time disappear.

I had an unintentional lay in as I slept through my alarm. However once I was awake I decided to get up and have my breakfast. After that was done I got myself dressed and decided to walk to Home Bargains to have a look.

I have been wanting to get my desk area reorganised ready for my next OU module to start. In Home Bargains I managed to find two noticeboards which are split, with half being a whiteboard and the other half being a pin board. I think the combination will allow me to keep track of several different things. I also got some whiteboard pens and found some cute Christmas cards.

I also had a wonder around Lidl however I didn’t really buy anything in there apart from some BBQ ribs for my dinner.

Once I walked back home I started reorganising my desk area and putting my noticeboards on the wall. I have also reverted back to using one monitor as I found I got very distracted having multiple different screens to work with. If I need an additional screen for anything I can always use my tablet if needed.

I still need to work out a way to make my flags look a little better above my desk but I am sure I will work that out eventually.

My day was spent watching the end of Sex Education and some stuff on YouTube before crashing.

I have been having a lot of flashbacks recently which has made sleeping exhausting, if that even makes sense.

Sunday 26th September 2021


I woke up and went straight out for a walk before having my breakfast.

I have finally tidied the end and side of my bed which has been on my to do list for a while. I also managed to sort my cupboard out whilst catching up with New Amsterdam.

Bev made a really good roast dinner which I ate whilst watching Cheat on ITV player. I carried on watching this in the background whilst making a head start on my new OU module for my degree.

I had a nice hot shower whilst I had a break from studying and organising things.

After my shower I carried on with a bit of studying and also organising my calendar for next week to make sure I get enough hours in with studying around work.

This evening I am going to do a bit of reading, watch the finale of Vigil and try to adjust my body clock so I stay awake until 11pm ready for working lates next week.

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