Monday 27th September 2021

I have been kind of productive today which has been good.

My day started with a cups of tea followed by a walk to wake me up.

I made progress with both of my courses and read a little bit.

Tuesday 28th September 2021

I struggled to get out of bed today, I was so comfy in my duvet listening to the rain that I didnt want to move.

Because of the rain I didn’t go for my walk, I am going to have to invest in a decent raincoat for the next few months so I can still enjoy my walk.

I have written and scheduled a Facebook and Instagram post about my mental health and what has been happening with it over the last year or so. It is the first time I have written something this open in a while so I am kind of apprehensive about it.

The day has gone by in a blur and I am hoping to have a productive study day tomorrow. I want to get off to bed at a reasonable time so that I get up at a decent time tomorrow.

Wednesday 29th September 2021

I was woken up by my Mum calling me at half 7 this morning. Initially I declined the call as I thought it was my alarm going off.

I had a session with my support worker today, the topic was understanding trauma. It was quite interesting.

I spent most of my day hunting down a chocolate eclair… I really wanted one. I found a box on my third shop. I also picked up the last few things I needed to make a Christmas present for Marysia.

My afternoon was spent watching a few films and doing some painting – a pretty chilled day.

Thursday 30th September 2021

The time today seems to have just disappeared. I put together Marysia’s Christmas present that I had be planning to make for a while. It has turned out better than what I was expecting it to which is a bonus.

I dragged myself in the shower to try and motivate me to get going a bit before clearing out one of my wardrobes full of hoodies.

I also made a start on clearing out my notebooks and notes in my folders this afternoon. Plus I reset up my switch so that I can play that in the evenings.

I managed to get out for a walk during a break in the rain and did a bit of painting this evening.

Friday 1st September 2021

I have spent most of the day watching tv and trying to get some of my studying done before working the weekend.

Saturday 2nd September 2021

I have been working until 11pm today and I am ready to crash in bed. It has been a long day

Sunday 3rd September 2021

What a way to finish the week a 10 hour shift in work and I am exhausted. Ready for a good nights sleep and to try and get back into a normal routine waking up/ going to bed at regular times. I definitely need to get my body clock back to normal!

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  1. I’m a bit jealous that you’ve got some of your Christmas presents planned and, at least, partially executed! You must have had a really great idea :)I like your blog style on posts like this, it reminds me of what blogging was originally meant for! Nothing wrong with branding and all that, but it’s nice to get to know a person in addition to their content.Erin


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