Monday 1st November 2021

It was my sisters birthday today so I rang her and wished her a happy birthday at the beginning of the day before I had work.

I then had a little bit of time to do a bit of studying before I started work at 10 am.

The day went by quite quickly and I was definitely ready to get comfy in bed when I finished at 8pm. I spent a little bit of time organising my uni work and bringing my calendar upto date.

Tuesday 2nd November 2021

TODAY DRAGGED! – The clocked just seemed to slow down as the day went on.

My day started with a quick walk to wake myself up followed by a cups of tea and some breakfast before having a chat with my Mum.

I was on my first late shift of the week and I actually quite enjoyed it despite the time seeming to slow down as the day went on.

Wednesday 3rd November 2021

This morning was a bit of a struggle as my stomach issues flared up but I had a slow morning. I started the day watching another episode of Showtrial on BBC Iplayer I ended up finishing the series before work and I really enjoyed it!

Once I woke up a little bit and my tablets had kicked in I went for a walk and enjoyed the fresh air before being stuck behind my desk all day!

I had a quick chat with my Mum before starting work too.

Work was very busy and I am definitely ready to have a little bit of time of to catch up on some sleep!

Thursday 4th November 2021

I wasn’t feeling too well today.

Friday 5th November 2021

I headed to Marysia’s to spend my birthday at hers. I was up quite early and headed for the train station.

It was really quiet at the train station which was actually quite nice compared to how busy it can be!

I took my scooter with me and we messed around with that for a bit.

All in all it has been quite a chilled day today!

Saturday 6th November 2021 Match Day

I was up early and took Boris out for his morning walk. It was raining a bit but it didn’t stop us going out!

Marysia had got us tickets to watch Wales vs South Africa in the autumn internationals. The kick off wasn’t until late in the afternoon put we headed in to Cardiff early as the trains get busy really fast!

We had a bit of a wonder around town and popped into a few coffee shops. It wasn’t long until it started to get busy and the atmosphere started to build up for match day.

Whilst we were wondering around town we saw a giant Harry Potter Lego figure outside of Cardiff castle which was pretty cool!

We headed into the stadium about an hour or so before kick off and it was quite a smooth process for getting in despite needing a Covid passport.

We had some really good seats and were able to see all of the action! The game finished with South Africa beating Wales.

It was raining quite heavily when we headed out of the stadium and it took a little while to get to the station due to the amount of people that were heading that way. The queue for our train was VERY long however it didn’t take us too long before we were on the train. However it was packed.

We both crashed very quickly when we got in! It was a great experience for watching my first rugby match in the stadium!

Sunday 7th November 2021

We woke up quite early and took Boris out for a walk after a cups of tea. It was a nice autumn morning!

Once we got back from our walk I spent the rest of the morning making us a roast dinner before we spent the afternoon putting everything together for our wedding website.

All in all it has been a pretty chilled day!

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