Back at the beginning of the year, when there was hope of Covid disappearing, I set my goals for the year. Seeing as we are at the end of the year I thought it would be a good time to sit down and reflect on how they went before setting some new goals for 2022.

1. Exercise at least 3 times per week.

I could arguably say that I do this as I try and go for a walk every day however I don’t think it is really classed as the kind of exercise I was aiming for at the beginning of the year. Since I had Covid back in February my focus around my health and fitness just disappeared and I need to bring my focus back to it as I was really enjoying the journey I was on improving my health and fitness during 2020.

2. Build my savings and increase my income streams

This has definitely been a focus this year and is moving in all of the right directions. There is always going to be work to do in this area however I have some pretty solid foundations which I have created this year and am going to be building on throughout 2022.

3. Write and publish a book

I really wish I had completed this this year and is definitely something I still want to do. I have a few ideas of what I would want to write I just really need to sit down and write it. I have made some progress with outlining some ideas so hopefully this will move forward a bit this year.

4. Create a consistent bedtime routine/ get enough sleep

At one point this year I had completely nailed my bedtime routine and was getting the perfect nights sleep meaning I was waking up fresh every day. Slowly but surely I undid all the new habits I had created and going to bed at night has become a bit of a faff and I need to be more disciplined with myself again.

5. Read 15 books

I am so pleased I managed to complete this, reading 20 books this year. I have also managed to finish reading all of the books I had picked up and put down throughout the year which I am really pleased about!

My Goodreads books from 2021

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