I had thought about what goals I wanted to set for this year for a little while. I think I have driven Marysia crazy with the endless YouTube videos I have watched about goal setting!

Here are my goals for 2022 – hopefully I will be more successful than I was last year!

1. Read 22 Books

I read 20 books during 2021 and I definitely feel that reading 22 books during the year is achievable especially as part of my bedtime routine includes reading before I go to sleep.

2. Blog Consistently

Writing here on this blog seems to be hit and miss but I really enjoy it and want to become so much better at being consistent with writing here. I have created a new planner on excel to make a note of my ideas for blog posts and keep a track of what I post.

3. Publish YouTube Videos Consistently

I am so behind on editing and uploading videos to my YouTube channel it is insane but like my blog I have come up with a plan to bring it back up to date whilst also uploading more up to date videos. I like having this space as somewhere to be able to look back on my memories as well as being able to share things with my family back in Cambridge.

4. Be More Aware of What I Eat

My eating habits have gone off the rails and my diet went completely out of the window. I have also put on a ton of weight that I am not happy about and want to shift it before we go to South Africa… I have a bit of a challenge ahead of me. The excessive snacking has to stop.

5. Exercise More Frequently

I enjoy various different types of exercise when I do it, it is getting the motivation to actually do the exercise that I struggle with. I know that it helps my mental health as well as the physical benefits it has so it is definitely something I want to make more of a regular habit.

6. Conscious Purchases

I buy too many ‘things’ as Marysia likes to put it (it is true but I still disagree). I have enough books to keep me going for a while and there isn’t anything I ‘need’ so I am going to be a lot more conscious when I want to purchase anything I am going to consider three things – do I love it, do I need it, does it have a purpose – if it doesn’t meet these things then I will avoid purchasing it.

7. Make More of an Effort with Studying

It is safe to say over the last year my routine has gone out of the window so my studying has suffered quite a lot. I plan to put more of an effort in to putting aside time to dedicate to my studying so that I ensure I have enough time to put in the effort I need to in order to succeed with my courses.

The goals I have set our quite broad but I feel as though I have set up a strategy to revise them throughout the year so I can keep on top of them. That is the plan anyway!

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