Monday 20th December 2021

My day started by taking Boris for a walk which felt so nice to get out in the fresh air as I am working the late shift today so will be stuck behind my computer screen until 11pm.

Tuesday 21st December 2021

I took Boris for his morning walk before I started work. It was freezing cold and I felt like I could have worn another 100 layers and still felt cold.

When we got back from our walk and I had defrosted a little bit I prepared the lasagne ready for dinner later.

I had work which was also meant to be a late shift but due to a few things that happened I finished earlier than planned.

To try and chill my brain out a little bit I made a Christmas themed Victoria sponge. I always find cooking relaxing and helps to calm my brain down when something triggers it.

As I finished work early I got have dinner with Marysia before having a chilled evening in front of the TV watching celebrity Christmas MasterChef.

Wednesday 22nd December 2021

I was up early this morning as I wanted to walk down to Tesco to get the last few bits we need for Christmas.

It was WAY busier than I was expecting it to be. However the bonus of being out of the house this early meant I got to see an amazing sunrise.

When I got back from Tesco I unpacked the shopping and then took Boris for a walk.

When we got back from the walk Boris decided he wanted to empty his whole toy box to find one bone which was right at the bottom of it. It was really funny and he looked really impressed with himself when he got it out.

I then took Boris for another walk which was a little bit wet.

Thursday 23rd December 2021

I took Boris for a wet and cold walk this morning.

I then nipped to the shop to pick up some honey and try to find some food colouring for the icing to go on the cookies I wanted to make. I didn’t find the food colouring I needed for the icing but I did get some ice cream sauce which I hope will do a similar thing.

I had a chat with my parents on a video call when I got back which was nice to have a catch up.

I spent a little while playing with Boris before making some cookies and shortbread. I iced the shortbread using the ice cream sauce to colour the icing and was very surprised that my idea worked.

We had a bit of a chilled evening today!

Friday 24th December 2021

Today started off with setting up the Christmas Eve box I had put together for us and making some pastries for breakfast. Once we had opened up the box and ate some breakfast we decided to take Boris out for a walk to the park.

Once we got back from our walk I decided to watch ‘Father Christmas’ as I haven’t watched it yet this year. I love this film and reminds me of staying at my Nan and Grandad’s house at this time of year.

I made us some lunch and we tried these duck steamed buns I found in Tesco and they were really tasty!

I then cooked our Christmas ham – it turned out really well! I sort of followed one of the Hairy Biker recipes for a honey ham and it definitely worked out well.

For our dinner I made us a bit of a buffet type dinner with some party foods from Tesco, a selection of meats and baguettes.

We got into our pyjamas and got cosy before heading to bed.

Saturday 25th December 2021


We woke up quite early this morning! Boris had his breakfast before we started opening our presents. We then opened some presents with my family via video call which was quite fun and is always a bit hectic. I was really lucky (as always) and have been given really great thoughtful presents.

After we tidied up the rubbish and put things away we got dressed and attempted to take Boris for a walk. It didn’t go to plan as the weather was so bad the rain drenched us but we managed to take him a little way up the road to stretch his legs.

Once we got changed out of my wet clothes and then made a start on cooking our Christmas dinner. I was so glad that I had prepared the vegetables yesterday as it saved me a bit of time.

Whilst the dinner started cooking I decided to film a ‘What I Got For Christmas’ video for my YouTube channel which I have neglected this year. (I definitely want to make more of an effort with my YouTube channel next year)

Once I had finished filming my video, with a few interruptions from Boris, I set the table and finished cooking the dinner. It became a little bit of a juggling act but the end result was AMAZING!

Once we tidied everything away (Marysia washed up whilst I dried everything and put it away) the afternoon was spent watching the telly and eating some Christmas chocolates.

I also took Boris out for a walk as the rain wasn’t as bad as it was this morning – it was really peaceful and nice to see all of the Christmas lights!

Sunday 26th December 2021

Today I started the morning off with a cups of tea before we took Boris out for a walk. Marysia wanted to try out the scooter I got her for Christmas. I am not sure Boris was a massive fan of the scooter. One minute we were running to keep up with Marysia and then the next he seemed to think the scooter was following us.

When we got back Marysia played on her game for a while whilst I watched some YouTube videos and worked out my goals for 2022As we had a lot of food left over from our Christmas lunch I reheated everything and we managed to make ourselves another Christmas roast dinner.

My afternoon was spent cwtching Boris on the sofa whilst watching some telly.

We took Boris out for another walk to the park before it got dark and he didn’t seem as bothered by the scooter this time. Although he did chase after Marysia a few times when he realised it was her on the scooter.

The evening was spent chilled out on the sofa

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