Monday 27th December 2021

It is my last day off work today so have tried to have a very chilled out day!

Marysia and I went to Tesco as we ran out of milk and whilst we were there I remembered we needed to get some rolls for our burgers tonight.

Once we got back from Tesco I took Boris out on a walk which he was very happy and excited about.

The rest of the day was spent on the sofa playing Spyro on my Switch whilst wearing my new Spyro sweatshirt Marysia got me for Christmas.

Before it got completely dark I took Boris out for another walk, it was a bit wet but nice to get some fresh air after playing on my Switch all day.

Once I got back from walking Boris I made our dinner which was burgers and homemade chips. It was really tasty. We also had brownies and ice cream for dessert – Marysia and I both got a brownie skillet set in our stockings so we used those up.

Tuesday 28th December 2021

I had a really rough night last night! I woke up several times in the night to be sick (not great), my joints were hurting and I kept getting really hot and then freezing cold.

Due to the lack of sleep I ended up having I also had a headache for most of the day.

I ended up phoning into work sick as I was feeling so grim.

The majority of the day was spent on the sofa watching films on the TV with Boris providing his services as a hot water bottle.

I made sure to drink lots of tea and water as well as keeping on top of some painkillers for my headache and gel for my joints.

Wednesday 29th December 2021

Still got a pounding headache but had a better nights sleep.

Phoned into work sick again as still not feeling 100% and my joints are still very sore. I am hoping to be able to get back to work tomorrow!

I have a bit more energy today, and have stopped being sick which is a massive improvement to yesterday!

I put some beef and vegetables in the slow cooker for dinner – something nice and easy that I don’t have to pay too much attention to!

I have also set up one of my journals I got for Christmas from Marysia which was quite fun!

I have made a lot of lists of things I need to get done too. I have fallen behind my studying a little bit so definitely need to get back on top of that.

Thursday 30th December 2021

I was up early this morning as I needed to set my work laptop up for work.

After I finished work I had some stuff I needed to do.

Marysia made me some lunch as I hadn’t eaten yet.

I watched some TV, Boris enjoyed the film – it was really funny watching him watch the TV.

I took Boris for his last walk of the day and we went down to the park. The river was very high after all the rain and was flowing really fast.

Friday 31st December 2021

I woke up with a bit of a battle with my alarm but didn’t take me long to get up and have a cups of tea.

As I was working from 9am I took Boris out for a quick walk quite early. It was still dark.

Once I got back from walking Boris I started setting myself up for work.

The morning was going pretty smoothly until my work laptop decided to have a bit of a melt down.

I had an early finish in work due to it being New Years Eve. As soon as I finished work I took Boris out for another walk before it got too dark.

Once I got back from walking Boris, Marysia and I ordered a takeaway which we ate whilst watching The Suicide Squad.

I ended up falling asleep about 10/ half 10 ish so didn’t see in the New Year although some fireworks went off around midnight which Marysia got up and saw from the window but I was comfy and didn’t want to move!

Saturday 1st January 2022

It has been a busy day of tidying up and sorting out. I was awake quite early today so I got up and made Marysia a coffee to take to her in bed, I also made myself a cups of tea.

I then took Boris for his morning walk, I was quite surprised as it wasn’t as cold as I thought it would be!

As soon as I got back from walking Boris Marysia and I started to take the Christmas decorations down – it always looks really empty once they come down. It didn’t take us too long to get them packed away and then I took them up into the loft.

Once all of that was done I took my measurements for the start of the year, definitely got a little way to go to be where I want to be but we will see where it goes from here!

We had pretty much eaten all of our Christmas food so I had a look in the cupboard and freezer where I found a couple of tins of vegetables and some frozen steak. I ended up using these bits to make a beef stew and dumplings in the oven, I have never made a stew in the oven before and was really surprised at how well it turned out.

I had a quick shower before packing up most of my stuff ready to go back to Cardiff tomorrow.

We spent the evening watching the Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts which was really good. Once it finished I took Boris out for his last walk of the day, we watched some fireworks too!

Once we got back from our walk I wrote a blog post before heading to bed to read a little bit.

Sunday 2nd January 2022

After a cups of tea and packing the last few bits and pieces, I loaded the car up whilst Marysia had a shower.

Marysia then drove me back to Cardiff which was a pretty easy journey as it was quite early so the roads were empty.

Once I got back to mine I had a catch up with everyone whilst having a cups of tea and then got on with unpacking all of my stuff whilst video calling my parents.

I then sorted out my washing and put my suitcase away before deciding to walk down to Aldi and get my bits and pieces for the week. I got absolutely drenched on my way back!

I quickly put my shopping away before carrying on with putting all my stuff away.

Bev made a roast dinner which I ate whilst going through some emails.

I decided to clear out some of my notebooks and shoes as well as around my desk before putting my new stationary I got for Christmas away.

After spending most of the afternoon tidying up I finally sat down to work through a few admin things on my to do list.

I plan to have a shower in a bit and read before bed. I need to get up early tomorrow to get my assignment done!

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