Monday 3rd January 2022

I am on a roll with keeping up with my journal.

I am absolutely cream crackered this evening! I planned to get up early this morning, but that didn’t happen – probably because I woke up in the middle of the night and struggled to get back to sleep.

Once I finally got out of bed, I made a cups of tea and some breakfast – bacon and scrambled eggs, before getting dressed. I spent a little while faffing around on my laptop avoiding all of the things I need to do.

My assignment deadline is tomorrow and I have been putting it off to the extent that I had the whole thing to do today. It took all day but I managed to get it don. It isn’t the best but at least it is submitted.

I had a video call with my Mum and I also took my prescription to the doctors.

I am on earlies this week in work and I am not prepared for my alarm in the morning.

Tuesday 4th January 2022

I feel like a zombie today as I woke up at 3am and couldn’t get back to sleep no matter how much I tried.

The day started with trying to get my work laptop sorted but I had to wait for the tech team to start.

In between speaking to various different tech support people I spent time trying to get all of the video footage I wanted to edit together. This meant shuffling things between several different hard drives.

By the time my shift finished my brain was fried and I was SO ready for a hot shower. Whilst I was in the shower I decided to try out having a cold shower after I had washed my hair. It was actually quite refreshing – probably more suited to the morning and helping you wake up.

This evening I am going to watch some telly and read my book before trying to fall asleep at a reasonable time.

Wednesday 5th January 2022

It has been a funny kind of day today.

I was meant to be working however due to my work laptop issues I have been waiting for various different people to call me throughout the day.

Once I had checked in with work and I ate my breakfast and drank a cup of tea. I also sorted my washing out and had a video call with my parents. After that I watched some videos on YouTube before finishing off a blogpost I have been writing.

I have spoken with several different tech people about the issue with my work laptop and it has now been passed on to someone else.

After work I walked down to the post off to send my uncle’s birthday card. I also popped into the shop and bought some cookies for my study sessions.

I also made a start on decluttering a few things . I had a ridiculous amount of reusable shopping bags so I picked a couple which had nice designs and got rid of the rest.

Bev had made a roast dinner tonight which I ate whilst doing some of my uni reading.

I started editing a YouTube video and had several issues with the software crashing.

I had a quick shower before tidying up a little bit.

I plan to read for the rest of the evening . I am so glad I don’t have an alarm in the morning.

Thursday 6th January 2022

I REALLY wish I knew why I keep waking up at 3am and not being able to fall back to sleep

I finally managed to get up at 8 am and made myself a cups of tea whilst having a chat with Keith.

I also had confirmation I am getting a replacement work laptop which is a bit of good news.

I have spent all day changing my room around and getting rid of stuff that I don’t need or use. I definitely prefer my room set up like this as it feels much bigger. There is still some bits I need to sort through tomorrow but I have done the majority of it today.

I am hoping to have a proper nights sleep tonight.

Friday 7th January 2022

I was absolutely out of it last night. Which makes up from the night before. I also had a bit of a lay in which was nice.

I got up and had my morning cups of tea with some toast before carrying on with sorting my room out.

I didn’t have as much left to do compared to yesterday. I t has taken me pretty much all day to go through the last bits and pieces. Although it is one of those things I have been wanting to do for ages and am really glad I have done. I also really like the way my desk is set up now as it feels as though there is more room around it.

This evening I ate my dinner and watched Stay Close on Netflix. I also had another cold shower which I have been enjoying the last few days.

Saturday 8th January 2022

Well today has not gone to plan at all.

I felt a bit off this morning, I started coughing, as well as feeling unusually cold so I decided to do a lateral flow test. It came back positive so I booked a PCR test for during my lunch break.

My head has been pounding on and off all day, my chest hurts and my cough comes and goes. All of this has wiped me out and made me feel SO tired.

On the plus side I still have an appetite.

I have had a message from track and trace to say my isolation will end on the 15th January.

Sunday 9th January 2022

I slept for SO long. My body just couldn’t wake up and I just slept for as long as I needed to.

My PCR has come back positive… Covid round 2 here we go.

The cough is harsh and hurts my chest. It also gave me a headache this morning, not fun at all.

I managed to get myself in the shower as I got really hot in the night and felt gross.

I keep going hot and cold and crawling back into bed.

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