Monday 10th January 2022

I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night at all. I was coughing throughout the night and kept going freezing cold. Not to mention the pain down my left hip!

I took everything really slowly and had a show to try and feel a little bit more human.

I was a bit frustrated as I had to cancel my doctors appointment as well as the appointment for my booster.

I’ve spent most of the day in bed as I have just felt so tired.

I am hoping despite the sleep I have had throughout the day I will be able to sleep properly tonight.

Tuesday 11th January 2022

I slept for so long last night, I must have needed it! Bev woke me up this morning with some tea and fruit toast which was really tasty.

I felt really groggy and my chest has been feeling heavy although I don’t seem to be coughing as much.

It took me AGES to get up but I eventually managed to get out of bed and do something about my blocked ear.

I have had absolutely no energy all day and my body aches.

I cannot wait to go to sleep.

Wednesday 12th January 2022

I felt headachy when I woke up this morning which made me feel kind of sicky too which wasn’t the best way to wake up.

Throughout the day my headache just got worse and I found it difficult to get comfortable and do anything. Nothing has seemed to touch my headache.

After dinner I decided to have a hot shower and took some paracetamol to try and help with my headache.

Thursday 13th January 2022

After a rough night last night and being unable to fall asleep until half 3 in the morning due to my skin feeling ridiculously itchy I was woken up by my Mum messaging me and telling me to do a lateral flow test. I am so glad to see a negative test and wish it reflected in how I am feeling.

I feel as though I have one foot out of isolation.

I am feeling better within myself I just feel so sleepy and achy.

I packed for visiting my parents in the hope that I am able to get out of isolation and get a change of scenery.

I am so ready to crash into bed!

Friday 14th January 2022


Which means I can officially leave isolation. I decided I would go out for a walk to get some more cough medicine and paracetamol as they seem to help with the dull ache in my chest from coughing.

I still feel achy and groggy but a bit more with it and my head doesn’t feel as fuzzy.

After a cups of tea and a bacon roll I decided to venture outside. It felt really busy outside when I was picking up my medicine and got tired very quickly but it felt SO good to be out in the fresh air.

I managed to pack the last few bits for going away tomorrow and I need some sleep.

Saturday 15th January 2022

I was up very early and do not feel as though I had much sleep plus my legs are a bit achy from being twitchy through the night.

I packed my chargers and last few bits before getting the bus into town and heading over to the train station. I had a little bit of wait before getting my train which gave me a chance to get my tickets printed out. It was REALLY cold.

The journey went pretty smoothly which meant I was able to get comfy and have a little bit of a nap before I arrived at Swansea station.

I met Marysia in the car park before we headed over to Costa – I had an orange juice but ended up saving it for later as I had a funny taste in my mouth. Once Marysia had finished her coffee we went to Aldi to get some food shopping. We also popped into B&M where we picked up some bits to wash the car.

When we got back to Marysia’s we unpacked the shopping and I took Boris for a very slow walk to stretch his legs.

When we got back I helped Marysia to wash her car but I very quickly got tired and she ended up doing most of it on her own. The car ended up very shiny!

I had a cups of tea and chilled out with Boris for a bit before making a massive chocolate chip banana bread.

I was pretty achy and tired by the end of the afternoon and started falling asleep on the sofa with Boris. My legs also got very twitchy!

Sunday 16th January 2022

I was up earlyish as I had a train booked to visit my Mum and Dad. Marysia made me a cups of tea before I packed up my stuff before Marysia took me to the train station. My legs were very sore and achy this morning.

I didn’t have too long to wait before my train left, I made myself comfy with my book set up on my tablet and used my jumper as a pillow. I napped on and off throughout the journey.

The train got delayed for a while in Bath which meant I got my connecting train. It meant I had longer to get across the underground which worked in my favour as my legs were very tired and sore.

I got myself a McDonalds once I got to Kings Cross as I hadn’t had any breakfast. I forgot all about it until I was waiting for my next train and realised how hungry I was. On the train from Kings Cross there is less leg room which didn’t help with my legs as I wasn’t able to stretch them out as much.

My Mum and Dad picked me up from the station and I spent most of the evening trying to unblock my ear whilst watching YouTube videos.

I am exhausted and may have pushed myself a little bit too far so am ready to crash in bed and have a proper nights sleep.

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