Monday 24th January 2022

What a day!

I have spent most the day stressed out over the charging issue with my work laptop. Hopefully it seems to be resolved now.

I helped my Mum to set up her new exercise machine.

I also went for a walk this evening via the shop to get some bits and pieces to make a steak dinner for everyone tonight.

I feel like it has been a very long and stressful day! I cannot wait to go for a (hopefully) long sleep tonight.

Tuesday 25th January 2022

I am SO glad I had a day to switch off from work. My brain definitely needed the break. I slept in WAY longer than I had intended to but my body needed the rest. I even fell asleep whilst reading my book last night which I don’t normally do!

I feel as though I have had a good productive day today. I went to the garden centre with my Mum, it has a Works store inside it where I bought some stickers to use in my journal and some new books (my book buying ban is not going well!). We then went to Tesco – I couldn’t get the ink cartridges for my fountain pen but I did manage to get some lead for my mechanical pencil and I also bought some flowers to take down to my Nan and Grandad’s grave.

Before we left Tesco I cleaned the windscreen on my Mum’s car, she thought it was funny to put the windscreen wipers on and sent the squidgy thing flying out of my hand. Our last stop of the day was my Nan and Grandad’s grave to put some fresh flowers down. Luckily we came prepared with a change of shoes as the track was quite muddy!.

Once we got back I worked on my blog for a little while and played Spyro on my Switch.

The day ended with a KFC – I am so full right now and cannot wait to get comfy with my book.

Wednesday 26th January 2022

I had planned to get up early before work so I could really make the most of the time before my shift starting at 12. It kind of worked out.

I went for a walk and played on my switch before trying to attempt to sort my calendar out and make it a little more organised.

After I finished work I went for a walk to the shop with Aaron before finishing my book.

This evening I spent some time playing Spyro on my Switch before having a nice hot bath. The rest of the evening has been spent working on my blog before making up my bed and crashing.

Thursday 27th January 2022

I slept in WAY longer than I had intended to, which is becoming a regular occurance lately! However I still manage to go for a walk before work.

Once I finished work I spent a bit of time working on some blog posts which means I have now, finally, brought my blog back up to date. I also spent some time playing on my Switch whilst watching some YouTube videos.

Friday 28th January 2022

It has been a busy day today!

As it is my last day with my family and I am working later I wanted to go to B&M with my Mum and Dad(nothing says family time like a trip to B&M). I picked up some new art pens which I cannot wait to try out! I have been wanting to get back into drawing for a while. I also picked up a present for Marysia too. We made it back in time before my shift which was a bonus.

Saturday 29th January 2022

After some train trouble I have ended up with an extra day with my family.

I went with my Mum and Dad to Tesco and got a few bits for Marysia’s birthday before going to get my Mum’s car cleaned.

The rest of the day was spent watching YouTube videos and updating my Notion with some blog stuff – I really feel like I am getting organised again.

I didn’t manage to read any of my book tonight so definitely need to read some tomorrow!

Sunday 30th January 2022

I packed the last of my stuff (I ended up unpacking some bits I needed yesterday) and got ready to catch the train. I got very anxious before we left but managed to ride it out (no pun intended) and avoided having a full blown panic attack.

The train journey felt REALLY long but went quite smoothly.

Marysia picked me up from the station and I got a McDonalds on the way back as Marysia had already eaten and I hadn’t had any breakfast or lunch so was getting pretty hangry.

After I ate my food I had a quick shower before we watched some Netflix

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