Thursday 12th May 2022

Marysia started the day with a 10km jog with her Dad whilst I had a bit of a lay in.

The main thing on the agenda was for Marysia and I to visit our wedding venue, Wolfkloof, for the first time! We had seen a lot of photos and videos which Marysia’s Mum had sent us but had yet to go and see it in person.

We had a little bit of time to spare before we were due to go to Wolfkloof so we went to a bakery called Ou Meul. It was a really pretty café and deli which had some incredible looking cakes and pastries. I tried my first red cappuccino – it was amazing! I don’t really know what I was expecting it to taste like but it was very creamy with a sweet twist. I also had a gluten free oat biscuit type thing which was also really tasty whilst Marysia and her Mum had some scones.

After we finished our drinks we headed back to the car to continue on our way to Wolfkloof which is a working winery on the edge of Robertson. As we pulled up we were greeted by three beautiful Alsatian dogs who were very friendly.

My first impression of Wolfkloof was how many photo opportunities there would be, the autumn colours of the surrounding farmland with these beautiful old buildings was definitely very ‘us’. The venue itself was very rustic and has a veranda overlooking the farm.

It was beautiful, especially with the autumn colours!

We had a walk around the venue getting an idea of how everything would be set up for the day and where things would take place. This made really brought the wedding to life.

Marysia’s mum had arranged to meet Jeanne who also showed us around some of the places where we could take photos on the day. The whole place had so many options we definitely wouldn’t be restricted when it came to the photos. Plus it was also nice to have a walk and take in some of the scenery!

The rest of the day was spent doing odd bits and pieces in preparation for Saturday to make sure everything runs and smoothly as possible! We also had a few drinks before crashing for the night.

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