Seeing as we are half way through the year (it seems to be flying by yet again!), I thought I should probably take the opportunity to assess where I am with my 2022 Goals.

Goals for 2022

  • Read 22 Books
  • Blog Consistently
  • Publish YouTube videos consistently
  • Be more aware of what I eat
  • Exercise more frequently
  • Conscious purchases
  • Make more of an effort with studying

How is it going?

Overall I think it is going okay.

I have read 9 out of 22 books so far, which is actually more than what I thought I had read. I have developed a bit of bad habit of starting books and then putting it to one side to start another one, so I am trying to focus on the books I have on the go at the moment before making a start on any others.

In regards to my blog and YouTube it has been a bit hit and miss over the first half of the year… Probably more miss than hit but I am slowly getting myself back in to and enjoying it. The second half of 2022 should see more content appearing as I have quite a few ideas of things I want to write about and make videos about.

As my health has been improving I now have a better mindset to improve what I eat as well as making exercising more of my daily routine again. I have started making going for walks as part of my day again and hope to build up to more intensive exercise again.

I have definitely reduced my spending on things that I do not particularly need although there has been the odd things which has slipped through the net but progress has definitely been made in this area.

As my studies have paused until they restart in October I have a chance to reorganise how I make my notes so that I can keep on top of everything a lot better than I have previously.

Going Forward

I think I have built some solid foundation in regards to my goals for this year. Some definitely need a bit more work than others but I am happy I am making progress with them.

Hopefully at the end of the year I will be able to look back and see that I have achieved most, if not all, of my goals for 2022.

2 responses to “Mid Year 2022 Goal Review”

  1. I literally can’t believe we’re halfway through the year already, it’s utterly ridiculous how quickly this year has gone. Sounds like you’re doing well with your goals and like you said, have a good foundation going forward!


  2. Thank you for sharing!


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