Last month I set myself seven goals to try and get myself back on track with my 2022 goals. In this post I am going to look back over them and see how I did.

1. Finish reading: Run Rose Run, Happy Sexy Millionaire, Write It All Down, Keep Going: 10 Ways to Stay Creative & Not A Diet Book.

I managed to finish two of these books, Happy Sexy Millionaire and Keep Going: 10 Ways to Stay Creative which I am quite happy with. Although I know I still need to make more time for reading in my daily life, especially as it is something I enjoy and helps me to unwind at the end of the day.

2. Publish 12 blog posts

I made a good start on this and managed to publish 7 blog posts in June. So I wasn’t far off my goal. Life sort of took over in the second half of the year which meant as usual I ended up neglecting my blog. I know I need to be stricter with myself when it comes to making time to write my blog posts!

You can see some of my recent posts here:

3. Upload 4 YouTube videos

I actually achieved this goal as I posted 6 videos to my YouTube channel. Although the majority of them were shorts, I still made an effort to make sure I was posting content.

However I think I need to ensure I am posting consistently rather than bulk posting things.

4. Be more aware of what I eat

This definitely took a nose dive and I need to bring this back in check during July. I ended up eating more junk food than I should have been really but I have already started making better choices and improving this so hopefully this month I can get back on the straight an narrow.

5. Exercise more frequently

I really got into a good routine whilst I was staying with Marysia as I was taking Boris out for a walk three times a day. Even though this wasn’t the most intense exercise I could feel it was making a difference.

I need to make sure that I keep this kind of routine going throughout July.

6. Conscious purchases

I haven’t really made any major purchases during June and have stuck to this really well.

7. Make more of an effort with studying

My main objective with this was to start organising my file structure in preparation for the new year to start. I have done this as well as organising the study section of my notion as I am still trying to decide the best way to make my notes this year. I have decided to do two modules which is going to be a lot of work compared to the previous two years so I am going to have to be as organised as possible.

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