I have decided to continue setting myself monthly goals to try and keep myself focused and working towards my goals for 2022. I started this in June and felt that it was quite successful so here are my goals for this month.

1. Finish reading: Run Rose Run, Not A Diet Book and Write It All Down

I managed to make quite a bit of progress with my reading goal last month by finishing 2 books on my currently reading list. I hope to finish the last three which I had started and put to one side before the end of this month so that I will have a clean slate going in to August.

2. Write 5 blog posts

I feel that writing 5 blog posts is more than achievable especially considering I have several ideas for things I want write about. I also still have the majority of our trip to South Africa to post so there is definitely plenty of stuff to come.

3. Publish 4 YouTube Videos

I want to post regularly on YouTube at least once per week. I think this is manageable and I have quite a lot of video footage stacking up that I need to get edited. I also quite enjoy the process of editing the videos and having them to look back on.

4. Lose 4kg

I know my weight has been creeping up and up which is not good as it impacts my health. It also impacts my motivation to do things so I have decided that I really need to work on losing a bit of weight. I have set my goal of 4kg for this month as I feel that should be achievable. We will see how it goes.

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