At the beginning of July I set myself some goals for the month, these were:

  1. Finish reading: Run Rose Run, Not A Diet Book and Write It All Down
  2. Write 5 blog posts
  3. Publish 4 YouTube Videos
  4. Lose 4kg

I think I was a little bit ambitious in setting these goals last month as well as not being as disciplined with my time as I needed to be. As a result of this, I only managed to finish one of the 3 books I wanted to finish and didn’t make a dent in the other goals.

However, I think recognising why these goals haven’t been achieved during July is important and will help me to ensure I stay focused and prioritise the goals I set for August.

I feel as though I have already made the right steps to be more successful in achieving my goals in August.

I will be sharing my August 2022 goals soon.

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