After losing my focus and letting things slip in July I have set myself some new goals for the month which I am planning to achieve.

1. Lose 5kg

I had planned to kickstart my health kick last month but it didn’t last very long however I didn’t gain any weight I also didn’t lose any. I know the impacts it is having on my health in the short term but I am also aware of the potential impacts it could have in the long term.

2. Read 3 books

I have been focusing on finishing the books I have on the go which I have made quite a bit of headway this. However this month I am giving myself a bit of flexibility with this so that if I feel like reading something new and or different I am not restricted to the books I currently have in progress.

3. Post 4 YouTube videos

I have made this a goal for the last few months but just haven’t actually done anything about it, I have planned out the videos I want to get posted this month – one a week is possible, I just need to actually get them edited and uploaded.

4. Post 12 blog posts

I start each month with great intentions with getting blog posts written but then end up getting too bogged down by ‘life’ that I end up neglecting it completely.

I have planned content for the rest of this month so I can make sure I have posts being scheduled throughout the whole of the month.

5. Walk daily

I have been trying to get in the habit of going for a walk everyday as a form of exercise as well as for my mental health as I find it helps to clear my head and organise my thoughts.

I have had a few days where I haven’t done this so I definitely need to make sure I keep making this a priority.

6. Complete diamond painting

I really enjoy working on my diamond paintings and find them a great way to relax and unwind. I have one in progress at the moment which I haven’t picked up for a few weeks which shows that I am letting my self care fall to one side, I need to make an effort to spend some time on my current diamond painting. I think if I spend a little bit of time throughout the month on it I will be able to get it completed.

Things Preventing Me Achieving My Goals

There has been two main things preventing me from achieving the goals I set over the last few months. These are a lack of planning and a lack of discipline.

Lack of Planning

Beyond actually setting my goals each month I haven’t spent very much time actually planning how I will achieve them. Or what I can do to move closer to achieving my goals.

Lack of Discipline

Over the last few months I have found it far too easy to take the easy option which isn’t always the options which will help achieve my goals. Most of the time I will find an excuse as to why I can’t do something if I am tired, would rather be doing something else or quite simply don’t want to do ‘the thing’ that would benefit me more – I need to make sure that I don’t always take the easy option and instead push through the difficult periods.

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