A lot of things have changed for us over the last year and I will talk about all of them here over the coming weeks. However this week I am going to introduce the newest member of our family, Bailey.

Bailey is a tri colour border terrier cross patterdale terrier (we believe) although we think he may have other breeds in him born on 26th September 2022. He joined our family on the 23rd December 2022 and wasn’t a planned edition. 

Marysia had said no to getting a second dog every time I suggested it, or showed her adverts online. So I decided that she would change her mind if I came home with a dog. I can’t say it was the best surprise I have ever given Marysia however he is now a very loved member of our family.

For me getting another dog was important for a number of reasons. As I have mentioned a lot of things have changed recently, my responsibilities have changed, my priorities have changed and in some ways some of it has been overwhelming. I needed something that I was personally responsible for, that relied on me as much as I relied on it. I know from experience that having a pet is really good for my mental health and I have discussed this with my therapist before. 

Bailey joined our family a bit later than you would normally bring a puppy home which meant he was behind on his vaccines and has only just had his second one. We won’t be able to take him for his first walk until the 4th February. I definitely think it will do him good, especially being able to sniff and explore a little bit to add some further mental stimulation.

Bailey has a funny personality. He can be very stubborn and vocal at times which is definitely the terrier in him but despite this he is very loving and loves to have a cuddle in the evening. He also learns things very quickly – he has learnt sit, stay, paw, leave, wait, and come so far and we are working on a few other commands.

I am looking forward to teaching him new things and seeing him grow over the coming months and years.

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