I have decided to bring back a monthly blog post recap at the end of each month as it will help me to stay accountable with posting content here.

I haven’t been able to post as much as I would have liked and still have a few drafts which will now end up being posted during February however I am glad I have actually posted more than just my monthly playlist. Which is definitely progress.

Here are the posts that you saw through January 2023 (if you click on the thumbnail for each post it will take you to the original post):

January 2023 Playlist

Book Review: Five Survive by Holly Jackson

2022 Goal Review

2023 Goals

January 2023 Goals

Meet Bailey

I am quite happy that I have managed to post at least each week throughout January apart from one week. Which I feel is pretty good considering how out of the habit I have been. I am hoping that I can build upon this during February so that writing and creating my online content becomes more of a habit again.

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