It is halfway through the year. I can’t believe it, can you? That being said, it is time to reflect on the goals I set at the beginning of the year.

The goals I am trying to achieve this year are:


1.       10000 blog views

2.       500 YouTube subscribers

3.       Achieve a minimum of 70% on DE200.

4.       Improve my time management.


1.       Complete my crochet blanket.

2.       Complete 12 paint by numbers

3.       Complete 12 diamond paintings

Personal Development Skills:

1.       Read 23 books.

2.       Journal

3.       Wake up by 7 am every morning.


1.       Quality time with Marysia

2.       Quality time with family

Health and Fitness:

1.       Lose 40kg.

2.       A minimum of 7500 steps per day


1.       Save £2000

2.       Create a 1-month emergency fund.

3.       Create sinking funds.

My Mid-Year Reflection

I think with all these goals I started the year with some great intentions and then I seem to have blinked and missed the last 6 months.

Some of these goals, particularly the creative ones, have just been completely neglected. I have recently refocused on my physical health and losing some weight which is slow progress, but it is at least a work in progress! I am eating a lot better, and the scales are moving in the right direction. I am also being a lot more active and drinking more water, which can only be good!

My blog and YouTube have been in an on-and-off relationship this year. I want to make more of a commitment to putting more effort into these and achieving the goals I made. I think the best way to do this will be to schedule time on my calendar each week to dedicate to writing blogs, editing videos and creating things to share on my platform. I have been spending time moving my blog from WordPress to Squarespace as I like the way Squarespace works and how I can make my blog look. Hopefully, by relaunching my blog on Squarespace I will enjoy writing my blogs again.

In terms of my personal development, I started the year off well and would spend time before bed reading. This habit has slowly become undone, and I have developed the bad habit of scrolling through my phone and watching YouTube videos which is not a good way to try and unwind before bed. Due to work waking up by 7 am is a pretty much-done deal 4 days a week however I think I could make better use of my mornings. I have been journalling frequently. I have switched between physical journalling and digital journalling, but I think I have finally settled on digital journalling due to the fact I can sync it between my devices, so it is always with me if I need it.

My relationships are in good shape. I have made plans with my parents to go away with them towards the end of the year. Marysia and I have planned several days out in the coming months and have started doing the park run together.

With my financial goals, I have spent time reworking my Excel document which I use to budget. It now makes a lot more sense and breaks things down in a much clearer way. I have also revised the way I use my bank accounts so that my money is split as soon as I get paid. This should in theory make budgeting and managing my money less of a chore each month.

Upon reflection, I do not think I am in the worst place I could be regarding my monthly goals however there is a lot of work to do!


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