In June my goals were:

  1. Get more exercise

  2. Spend more time outside

  3. Focus on my mental health

  4. Start each day with a walk

  5. Lose 5kg

  6. Practice mindfulness

  7. Read 3 books

  8. Relaunch blog

  9. Bring YouTube back to life – publish a video every day

How Did I Do?

As the trend has been with the goals I have set for 2023 so far, I didn’t do too well with my June goals. I set out with such good intentions however I didn’t really have a plan to see any of them through. The majority of the goals I set didn’t really have a way to measure their success.

I have spent more time outside which has been relatively easy with how good the weather has been this month. I have been enjoying the sun whilst doing some jobs in the garden which has definitely made it a space which is more enjoyable to be in. 

Starting the day with a walk has been difficult with how early I start work combined with how bad my sleep has been the last few weeks but I am hoping to get into a better routine with this especially with great it makes me feel at the beginning of the day. I also think it does Bailey good to get outside first thing and burn some energy off.

I relaunched my blog and moved it from WordPress to Squarespace. I am finding the interface a lot easier to use and it has enabled me to give my blog a new look. There is still some work to do in the background but I am glad the main transition has been done. I haven’t however been uploading any videos to my YouTube channel. I have made a list of the videos I have footage for that still need to be edited and uploaded however some of the footage is on my old Apple account which I am trying to recover. Hopefully, I get access to this soon.

My to-be-read list is growing and I have made absolutely no progress with the books I am currently reading/ want to read. This definitely needs to become more of a priority.

I have been working on what my July goals will be and ensuring I have a plan on how I can actually achieve them. Watch this space.


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