October seemed to pass by in a blur. At the beginning of the month, I had set some really good goals for myself, as I usually do. But as the month progressed, various life events took over, and my attention shifted to other things. Although I did not achieve everything I had aimed for, I don’t consider it a total disaster.

My October 2023 Goals

  1. Read 6 books
  2.  Write 8 blog posts
  3.  10k steps per day
  4.  Post 4 YouTube videos

How did it go?

I finished two books:

  1. Terrier-Centric Dog Training by Dawn ANtoniak-Mitchell
  2. Glittering a Turd by Kris Hallenga

I wrote 2 blog posts

I averaged 8821 steps for the month of October and achieved my 10000 steps on 12 days.

I published on video on YouTube.

Looking Forward

As I reflect on my goals for this year, I am being realistic and acknowledging the fact that achieving some of them will be quite challenging. However, I am working on prioritizing them, and setting a clear focus on what I want to achieve by the end of the year. I believe that these next two months are crucial for me to achieve my goals. I will soon share my plans and my progress.

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