Hi, I’m Stacey welcome to my blog! I’m a 29 year old English girl currently living in South Wales, which has quickly become one of my favourite places on the planet.

On my blog you will find a very wide variety of content including poetry, life updates, reviews and videos from my YouTube channel as I like to use it as a place to share my experiences primarily to do with sexual abuse, mental health, relationships, thoughts, feelings and anything else I feel other people may enjoy or find helpful in some way.

I hope you enjoy being a part of my adventures!


All content on staceylipowski.com is my own and belongs to me unless credited otherwise, please do not use any photographs without contacting me beforehand at staceyjlipowski@outlook.com or the respective owner. I will be talking about various places and products on the site, please ensure that you test all products before use. Some of the links within posts are affiliate links and all views are my own. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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